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#422217 Ticketed For Throwing Cigarette Out Car

Posted by Guest on 20 July 2011 - 07:58 AM

A friend's daughter was recently ticketed for throwing a burning cigarette out of her car window as she was going over the Lake Natoma Crossing/Bridge. She is required to go to court to deal with it.  

Is anyone familiar with the regulation related to this? Throwing a ignited object out of a car?

No offense but I hope it's a very expensive ticket to teach her a lesson.  I think it's ridiculous that people throw trash out of their cars, especially lit cigarettes that could set the area on fire.

How damn hard is it to put the cigarette out in the freakin' ashtray that comes with the car? Why do people think they can throw their trash out their car windows and think that's ok?  I absolutely hate it when people throw trash out of their cars - IMO they're no better then a filthy pig when they do that.

I say don't smoke if you can't manage to keep your trash to yourself, we don't want to have to wallow in the trash these pigs throw out of the car.

Sorry, as you can tell, this is a serious pet peeve of mine.  I wanna catch the punk kids who keep throwing their fast food trash bags and cups out on one of my local streets. I hate people who live like pigs and expect others to accept it.

It's disgusting to see used cigerette butts on the streets.

#452228 Speed Trap

Posted by Sandman on 11 October 2012 - 07:42 AM

People want to cry foul and call them "speed traps" but what would be REALLY tragic is a mom with a car load of kids turning off of Serpa to head up the hill to school and gets broadsided by some joker who runs the light because they were traveling down the hill too fast to make the light.

THank you Folsom PD.  We need more "Speed Traps"

#485715 Suspending A Member

Posted by chris v on 11 June 2015 - 05:37 PM

This news is super!
I might even tell my mom!

#452220 Speed Trap

Posted by ducky on 11 October 2012 - 07:05 AM

Better yet, make it a habit to drive the speed limit and stop for red lights and stop signs all the time and you won't need to worry : )

I've been seeing quite a bit of CHP enforcement on Highway 50 lately, too.

#440574 Stabbing In Folsom Bowling Alley

Posted by dansflb on 24 April 2012 - 04:50 PM

Sounds like Mr. Son likes Folsom.  He sure spends a lot of time around here.  Who knows, maybe now that he stabbed someone he might get to be a resident! :)

First and foremost our family feels for the three victims who were attacked by David Son, we hope they have a safe and quick recovery.

The sad reality is that some people break the law regardless of where they are, and when they happen to choose to do it at our establishment our security is there to detain them and report them to the Folsom Police department. Many other establishments don't have security so there are many crimes that happen and are never caught, stopped or reported. In regards to this incident David son has a problem and he needs to get help. He was already on probation for having pulled a knife on someone at Costco gas station in 2010. Should we all stop getting gas at Costco? This reoccurrence is not because of our establishment, it's because this person was bound to have an incident because he has not received the help that he desperately needs.

Comparing the long track record of owning the Folsom Lake Bowl for 33 years we have seen a lot of trends over the years. Folsom is an amazing town to live in and go for entertainment. The people in Folsom are also amazing people that really love their town. We have observed that drinking and driving has heavily decreased over the last 10 years. That is largely due to the great jobs of the Folsom police and responsible establishments in Folsom. Folsom Lake Bowl and FLB Sports Bar & Casino has far less problems then many other serving establishments in our area. We also have a much higher amount of traffic that comes through our doors, averaging 5,000 patrons per week. This is due to always having security on staff that can openly communicate between each other and with management using high end ear pieces and microphones. We have invested in the most sophisticated ID system that is on the market that no other bar has in Folsom. We also have a state of the art video surveillance system inside and outside our establishment.

Please come in to our establishment and you will see for yourself how serious we are about operating a very well run business that is a safe and fun place to go for the whole family.  

Best Regards,
Dan, Jeremy, Monica & Wally Dreher

#439478 Help Me To Understand.....

Posted by Guest on 04 April 2012 - 02:07 PM

I personally don't think having a degree makes a person instantly the best qualified candidate for a job.

If I was to choose between someone with a 4 year degree in whatever who has zero experience, vs a person who has had numerous years of experience in that job but no degree- I'd pick the person with experience over the person with the degree every time.

Many people with degrees feel they are entitled to the best jobs and best pay just because they spent 4 years in college, but that never means they are the best person for the job.

I've met many angry full time students who think they should have the best jobs and salaries handed to them, funny that, they're still in school and not at work....

#427831 Stabbing On East Bidwell

Posted by Guest on 04 October 2011 - 04:19 PM

I quit working when my oldest turned thirteen and was home until the kids were in college.  Why?  Because teens NEED to be supervised more at that age than when they are younger.

I didn't fool myself into thinking my kids would be any different or any better than anyone else's.  My kids didn't get the latest greatest stuff all their friends had, and it bothered them, but I said tough!  Learn to save your money, babysit or mow lawns to get what you want.  They were so busy with me monitoring their homework (THAT came first)and them making money, to get that 'all important' stuff, they didn't have time to get into trouble. I made it my business to know where they were at all times and I expected them to try and get around me.

I used to set my alarm so it would go off at different times in the night to do bed checks....and my kids knew it. The pillows formed to look like they were in their beds, didn't work on me. My daughter once told her friend it was like I had eyes in the back of my head.  I always managed to bust her, when she was doing something she knew she shouldn't be doing.

Oh, there were tears and threats of running away...I'd just hug them, tell them I loved them and suggested we pick up one of their friends, get pizza and go to a movie. I gave them alternatives for having fun, not always the old "go to your room", while I kicked back and had a cold beer.  Ours was a no smoking, no alcohol household.  I didn't just talk the talk, I really walked the walk. Kids need good role models. Yeah, they called me square and too hard on them....but now they are glad I was.

Parents think if they just drag kids to church, it should do the trick....it won't.  I had an aunt who was caught doing the nasty with the preacher's son, at church!  No, parents must attend to their own kids up bringing...no short cuts work in that department.

My son once told me that living in my house was like living in a prison.  I replied, better to live in one now, with a chance to get out at age eighteen, than live in one for life, later.

I made raising my kids my career, not my pass time. My husband was the bread winner and I took care of business at home. The kids tried to place him in the middle and he would just look at them and say, "what your Mom says goes, you know that."  So he backed me up 100%,  period.

Our community and parents need to step up and MAKE this a safe place to live.  If you see a group of people, any age, that seems to be about to get into some bad stuff, call the cops!  You HAVE a phone and know how to dial 911....DO IT!  Don't just walk by and go on about your business!  You could save a life by the simple act of using your cell phone to alert the cops.

I just called the cops the other night when I saw a group of kids hanging out. They couldn't have been over eighteen.  It was after eleven and as far as I know, we have a curfew for minors.

There is no excuse for walking past trouble and not calling the cops.  NONE! Minors should be at home at that time of night.

#452640 Folsom Crossing Closed Till Mid Morning Sat

Posted by Silmiriel on 16 October 2012 - 10:40 AM

I've been a lurker on the site for quite a while, but finally got registered, mainly due to being frustrated about this story!

The drastic increase in head-on collisions is alarming to me - from this weekend's tragedy to the horrible June accident on Blue Ravine.  What steps need to be taken to get the city (and/or Federal Government, if this is their jurisdiction due to the federal funds used to build the crossing) to address this issue and install safety barriers and adequate lighting on this road, as well as the other dangerous, heavily-traveled thoroughfares in Folsom?  

I take a FLC college class twice a week, and always drive in the slow lane coming home on the crossing to North Folsom to try to avoid drunks, speeders and distracted drivers.  However, I read in one of the news articles that the designated driver who was tragically killed in this accident also took the precaution of driving in the slow lane and yet he still lost his life due to the other driver, so even that may not be enough if someone completely loses control of their vehicle coming the other direction.  It is also nearly pitch black on that curve; very unsafe.

So, how do we get this going?  It's completely ridiculous that this road has no center divider and such poor lighting for a road that has essentially become a freeway!

I will echo what Maxine and others have said; people drive way too fast in Folsom, and driving manners seem to have been completely thrown out the proverbial window by some drivers who are too selfish and reckless to consider the safety of others and feel it's their right to tailgate, text and talk on the phone while driving, and drive at excessive speeds.  I also drive the speed limit and am really tired of getting tailgated and nearly rear-ended by inconsiderate drivers who can't seem to put their phone down while driving.  It's made me leave even more room when I drive and when I am stopped at signals so that I can try to avoid a collision.  Inevitably, I'll look over and see the familiar head bob of someone trying to text and drive.

My heart breaks every time I read a story about the carelessness of another taking the life of someone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My sincere condolences and prayers to the families involved... such needless loss!