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Politics Forum Rules

Strict enforcement:
1. No name calling or insults to other posters (You are a ____, ____ is an idiot)
2. No "baiting" to get a reaction.
3. No whining about how ___ is unfair. Especially these rules.
4. No flooding the boards with propaganda (excessive new threads all about why Bush is an idiot, etc)
5. No messages of "hate"

Moderate enforcement (usually just a warning, but we will give you a strike if you don't pay attention to warnings)
1. No cutting & pasting of articles
2. No flooding the boards with new threads (excessive new threads about random things that don't really add value to the board. 1 or 2 new threads a day is not that big of a deal, but don't add a new thread to every interesting thing you see on the internet).

Any controversial political or social topic may be discussed in the "Nat'l. Politics Forum, with the exception of abortion. This topic gets ugly fast, and it's not worth the headache. We'll close the threads if we see it being discussed.

John has the power to change any avatar or signature, at any time.

Them's the rules, folks. "Be cool or be gone!"
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