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Researching Ngbi Murder Case

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Posted 30 June 2012 - 12:47 PM

So I'm researching the murder of Scott Hawkins by Quran Jones as a homework assignment. This last month His plea of Not Guilty By reason of Insanity was accepted. I find it frustrating that you have to pay (which I can't-supposedly it would cost $hundreds as only 5 or 6 lines are on each page) to view the Defense's testimony before the settlement agreement was made. Because there haven't been any appeals I can't go through the CA Appeals to get onto Lexis Nexus for free. So far I have only been able to access news accounts and the Sacramento State University newspaper as sources (not good! I wanted non biased information).

So from what I understand this guy killed one of his roommates while in a violent rage that was not originally even directed at the roommate. I guess the roommate walked in on the rage and became part of the rage. His roommates state that he was a quiet, reserved guy that suddenly went off his rocker--with strange behavior that started the night before. His BAC was 0. He did not pop positive for drugs either. However his roommates said that a month or so before this happened he had started talking about wanting to try out a drug called DMT. From what I understand it is a psychedelic drug that does not pop up on drug tests. Supposedly there are trace amounts of this drug in most living things.

So I started reading up on this drug and found out that it has much the same psychedelic responses as Bufotenin. Apparently Bufotenin is found naturally produced in most people who are autistic. And that is where I thought this interesting, because Scott Hawkins had a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome. ( on a side note- I wondered if it is possible to extract it from an autistic person and use it as a recreational hallucinatory drug) So many people who are uncomfortable going with a manufactured Form of DMT will order Ayahuasca or make it themselves.Or they just go out into the woods, find some mushrooms and distill it down into Psilocin.

Anyway, I'm stuck. Does anyone know any sites that publish FREE clerk recordings for defense or prosecutor statements?

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