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Event: Let's Talk Happiness! Celebrating Women's Day

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Added by iyoga , 04 Mar 2018

Taking place 08 Mar 2018 (Single Day Event)



This month of March the Art of Living Foundation offers “Let's talk Happiness”, a workshop conducted by women who have sought and found the source of happiness and now dedicate their lives sharing this wisdom and teaching the tools. Join us in an interactive session to explore common concerns for women and look at factors that influence our reactions, feelings, and decisions. Learn about tools available to support your goals.

"A woman plays many roles – a mother, career woman, care giver, problem solver… endlessly giving herself to the role. She is by nature endowed with the qualities of nurturing, compassion, wisdom, and leadership. Women have the ability to handle situations with skill, teach human values, endure hardships, and create harmonious environment. They are visionaries and cheerleaders!"

Yet in today’s world of fast paced activities and stressed-filled environment it is hard for a woman to remember and remain true to her nature. What stops her from living joyfully and to the fullest potential?

In this fun-filled 1.5-hour session learn about tools (such as Sudarshan Kriya, forms of yoga, meditation, breath techniques, mindfullness, etc.) you can use every day to better handle situations, live with ease, and find more joy and enthusiasm in your activities. Consult with extraordinary women who not only transformed their lives, but also contribute in a big way to the happiness and wellness of the communities everywhere.

RSVP AT Tiny.cc/womensdayfolsom                           **Nourishing Ayurvedic refreshments will be provided