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The Folsom City Library

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#1 Nina Phillips

Nina Phillips


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:52 AM

The library issue has become a hot topic. The City's intent to build the library on a piece of land in the oldest, and most historic park in the City of Folsom is ludicrous. The land slated in the park for the library is a piece of land specifically dedicated in the park to Folsom's only fallen soldier during wartime, Marshall C. Farley. Although there is a lot of protest from residents about the intent to build the library on this site, the City is adamant about this selection. There are plenty of better locations for the library that are more centrally located within the City limits, which are not controversial. If the library is built in a more central location, it will be more accessible by those living in more outlying areas. Frankly, every community in the City of Folsom has its own park, how would you like it if the City decided to build the library in your park. I think you would not.

The City's usual cram down method of operation is at work here. They make the residents think they are participating in a process, particularly with the city council meetings, however, they do what they want anyway. This library issue is a perfect example. Therefore, the City Council recall issue, and the petition to place the library issue on the November ballot.

It is time to circulate these petitions for signatures. As a member of the group supporting the issue to build the library on any other site than the Marshall C. Farley Memorial Field, I am looking for Folsom residents to help with the petition drive on the recall issue and the issue to place the library location issue on the ballot.

Please contact me to let me know if you would like to help.

#2 Stephen



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 08:38 AM

It is my understanding that other options for the library location were looked at. And weren't there many budget considerations and grant writing issues?

I would like to hear a history/summary of the library proposal from someone who was following it more closely than I.

Thank you.

#3 camay2327



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 10:27 AM

I feel that the library location was crammed down our throats.

The library will be built where the city wants it.

I am not for any recall of any city council members.

If a petition is started to relocate the location of the library somewhere else in Folsom I might be for that. However, anyone starting such a petition had better have a better location or two to be cosidered.

A VETERAN Whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America" for an amount "up to and including their life". That is HONOR, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it. -Author unknown-

#4 jake



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 10:59 AM

Quite frankly, that ballfield is a disgrace to Mr. Farley and his family. It's an old, beat up ballfield full of crabgrass and weeds. The city owns the land, they should do what they feel is appropriate. I support them on their decision. I really don't think the Lions club should have any say in how to use the city's land. If they wanted to have a say in what the city did with the land for thousands of years to come, they shouldn't have donated it to the city in the first place!

I'm sure the city will be more than willing to build a more suitable memorial for Mr. Farley than a rock... perhaps even naming the new library after Mr. Farley. I definitely don't want him to go unnoticed, and believe me, after this hoopla, he won't.

The Lions Club should be ashamed of themselves. If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem!!!

Let's stop bickering and build the friggin' library. Got off your high horse and don't give me this recall crap. It's a bunch of nonsense, and you know it. soapbox.gif
"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."
-Yogi Berra

#5 bordercolliefan


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 01:59 PM

I agree. I think the park is a sensible location for the library, right near City Hall and other city buildings.

I understand that the Farley family has stated that they are not opposed to locating the library there.

I agree that the city should do something -- perhaps naming all or part of the library after him?-- to memorialize Mr. Farley. I believe the City Council is already working on determining an appropriate way to do this.

I know if I were dead, I would rather be remembered with a library that hosted hundreds of citizens every day (including children thrilled to be learning about books) than with a run-down ballfield that never seems to be used.

#6 Gina99



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 03:22 PM

I agree with Jake and BorderCollieFan. Build the library! I think it is a fine location and hope that it happens. I have only lived here for 6 months and am already so tired of the dark,small, depressing, current library.I would hate to see the process slow down due to a (yucch!) recall. tongue.gif

#7 Candy Apple

Candy Apple


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 03:46 PM

Just to set some of you straight-----the building site for the new main library building WAS NOT shoved down anyone's throat by the City Council. The proposal was discussed with the Lions members and some of the Vets who wanted to hear the proposal.

The few who now oppose it and say they were not informed, are not telling the truth. "Mr. Parks & Recreation" himself, Ernie Sheldon, met with them BEFORE the proposal was ever made public!!!


The site is CENTRALLY LOCATED, accessable to school children, seniors, electric wheel chair drivers AND it will be a part of the "Civic Center". One stop "shopping" for the zoo, train, Rodeo Park, Community Center, City Hall, Police, as well as the Library.

This new library building is GEORGOUS, with open expanse to the Gazebo and the rest of the park. It does not in any way dishonor ANY VET.

A beautiful library will do more to honor ALL veterans who fought for the freedoms of this country----especially the freedom to READ AND LEARN, than a rock buried in dirt that most people don't even know about, much less see!!

Those few who oppose the plan were stirred up and misinformed by someone who has some unfathomable reason for trying to delay and deprive all Folsom city residents and taxpayers as well as neighboring communities of a "jewel" that Folsom has needed for 10 years!

Get with it!! Get a life!! Face reality!! Think of what is best for ALL of Folsom.

#8 Soccermom



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:00 PM

For the record Farley field certainly is rundown but is not an "unused field." My son is 8 and played every single baseball game last season on that field and starts tomorrow with his first practice there, just his first of a season full. His team is just one of 10 in his age group scheduled to use it. I would assume the 7year olds this season will use it as well. Obviously the need for the field is there otherwise his team would be scheduled to use one of the newer nicer fields that the older kids play on. I hope that if the library goes as planned (and I hope it does we sure need an updated one)they make considerations for all the "little" leaguers who do use it for an entire season.

#9 Candy Apple

Candy Apple


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:55 PM

I will contact Ernie about "my" misinformation. I was told that it was "unused". However, the basic facts about the site for the library are still true and there are several (?) new softball fields so possibly this was the last season for use, who knows?

#10 valdossjoyce


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 07:22 PM

The fact the this ball park is run down is not a reason to get rid of it. It's a fact our city should be ashamed of. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it has to be run down. Do I detect elitism among those in the new neighborhoods who have lots of beautiful new parks? My sense is that much of the opposition is coming from the residents living in close proximity to the park---residents who have lived there many years.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hence the recall. These people are out-voted by the masses that have flocked to Folsom in recent years. The recall will probably do nothing but draw attention to the issue and hopefully get the City Council to revisit the issue. If the City is intent on going forward, ground will be broken before an election held. The City can work real fast once it makes up its mind. Remember how it took years of looking at that crummy sign for the Acquatic Center that was a joke? Those who wanted it built were told there was no money. But when the idea finally took hold at City Hall, it was built lickity-split.

Also, read Jack Kipps column in the last two issues of the Folsom Telegraph. He's the historian who knows what really happened. None of the property on which the park, community center, city hall and fire department today rest would have been affordable if it weren't for the Lions and their friends.

Oh yeah, don't accuse those who oppose location of being anti-library. Talk to the lady that was on the committee to select a library site who insists this site was never on the list but was added much later. Community input, my arse.

#11 Candy Apple

Candy Apple


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Posted 14 February 2004 - 08:38 AM

Yes, this site was introduced much later BECAUSE it was a part of the Parks and Recreation Dept. Many talks with many people CONCERNED THERE, including the Lions and much research was done by P & R as well as with others before it became a possible site. IT WAS NOT BROUGHT ABOUT ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT.

By saving the Fire Station building next to City Hall, P & R gain space for some of their needs; a Senior Center will be there, and space for other needs.

There will not be the ADDITIONAL expense of tearing that building down and as a result having to deal with asbestos!

There is a saving there of over $100,000,00.

Why can't the opposition to the park area library site take a look at the plan when it is approved and see that it will ENHANCE the area, not degrade it.

There are now many more softball fields in Folsom, BUT THERE STILL IS NO ADEQUATE LIBRARY!!!

Folsom has become a large city since that old softball field was made. It has more residents which means more, larger needs. That is progress!

If it were not for progress in Folsom, we all would still be dressed in gold miner garb and reading hand me around books by candle light!


#12 zach5



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Posted 14 February 2004 - 10:10 AM

I would have to agree with Candy Apple, there are a lot more fields in folsom, and also many "newer ones" I believe although that is a memorial, the field it self is pretty run down already. Why cpuldnt they build a better memorial once the Library is built, or even maybe name the building after Marshall C. Farley.

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#13 malcontent



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Posted 15 February 2004 - 10:24 PM

I think you miss the point. Memorials aren't just paved over and rebuilt a la some newcomer's vision. This is oh, so California. We have no respect for the ones who came before us. If Californians lived in Europe, there'd be no more castles, ancient churches, or museums. While taking a river boat cruise down the Danube, you'd see condominiums and baseball stadiums.

Candy Apple, you insult those who have a different point of view when you say that without progress we'd be wearing gold miner garb and reading by candlelight. Maybe one day, you'll be old and realize how snotty your remarks are. Sure, change is inevitable, but not all change is progress. Some folks are old enough to understand this.

Talk to families who lost somebody while serving their country, whether it was WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Memorials are meant to stay put...almost hallowed ground. Just because the new library will be fabulous, doesn't make it right that it should be built on this spot.

And don't give us the same old, miss an opportunity story. There's no good reason the library cannot be built elsewhere. I seem to recall that there was a design for the library on the Fire Station site. But now that the spot has been promised to those you are lusting for a senior center, neighbors are pitted against neighbors. Gosh, those pea- brained Lions and Vets, how dare they get in the way of the important needs of the Library people and the Sr Center people???

As for tearing down the Fire Station as an expensive alternative, who the heck planned our city so that so many fire stations are having to be closed while new ones built???? soapbox.gif

#14 cybertrano


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Posted 16 February 2004 - 12:52 AM

aaaaaaaaaaa too much problem with growth

#15 Candy Apple

Candy Apple


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Posted 16 February 2004 - 03:22 PM

To refer to some of the remarks of malcontent----

Building the library on an old "seldom" used softball field at the edge of city park is NOT paving over a memorial.

As to my age, at almost 76 I can recognize the good and bad things about "progress".

Even Marshall Farley's family do not object to the library site. The memorial or one to all vets will be honored, and building the new library building on a site which will save all Folsom taxpayers money will not desecrate the memorial.

The truth of the matter is there are very few pieces of land left in central Folsom and the cost to YOU AND ME would mean Folsom does not get an ADEQUATE library. If you think otherwise, do the research and present it to the CC.

How many fire stations have been closed just for the heck of it by the city???

One was closed because of an extreme mold factor that was a medical threat. The Fire head quarters on Natoma is closing after move to needed expanded building. The Natoma street building will be used for a long needed Senior Center and Parks & Rec. dept. uses, as well as other uses.

Wheather anyone likes it or not, "progress" brings changes---some good, some, not so good, and some bad. Folsom has been changing since the gold miner days, especially the size and population of same.

The truth is a city of 60,000 to 70,000 people is a big change. The existing 7000 sq. ft. library does not serve ADEQUATELY that size population.


I did NOT intend to offend anyone with my statement of facts.

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