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California Capital Air Show 2008 Pictures
Craig Learoyd took some amazing photographs from the California Capital Air Show this year. Thunderstorms were forecasted for the day but never materialized... however the thick clouds made for some spectacular shots. Take a look at the shots that made for another great air show over at Mather Field.
Rancho Cordova Forum
What's going on in Rancho Cordova? We've set up a local forum for you to discuss anything you want... though the Rancho Cordova section is still new, other sections are very full, and the forum has over 3,500 registered members. Most members are from our neighbor site in Folsom, but with a little help, we'll have just as many Rancho Cordova netizens as well soon!
Yellow Pages
Check out our local Yellow Pages directory. Basic ads are free, and you are welcome to sign up for your free ad. For those interested in advertising in a website that attracts thousands of area visitors a day, we have extremely reasonable rates, and this form of advertising is extremely effective in building brand awareness.
Welcome to This site is part of a community of local websites based out of the Sacramento Valley... similar sites can be found in Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Granite Bay, and in Folsom. Folsom's is the main site that inspired MyRanchoCordova. If you like this site, please tell a friend!

Site launch date: March 2008


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