About the Tomato Pages Network

The Tomato Pages are a Sacramento, California based network of sites, run by Folsom resident John Gladding. What started as a small site for Sac State students has blossomed in to a community of sites, aiming to connect people and inform them about the place we call home.
1998 SacState.com
SacState.com was a small website geared at students of the university. Popular sections included a student guide, message boards, and a "We Hate Davis" section devoted to razzing the rival UC Davis. The site was nominated for a Dottie Award in 1999. It was eventually closed and the domain now points to the official website of Sacramento State.
2000 MyFolsom.com
Folsom, CA news, yellow pages, and forumsMyFolsom.com is now the flagship website of the Tomato Pages, as it has grown to the most popular website in all of Folsom. A popular message board holds the lion's share of traffic, while a regular news blog informs residents of news and happenings about town. The site now attracts several thousand unique visitors a day. MyFolsom.com won 2 Dottie Awards in 2006, for People's Choice, and for Lifestyles & Travel.
2001 Sactosaurus.com
Sactosaurus took over SacState.com content, and always served as a good placeholder for things; Miscellaneous bits were thrown in to this site. Frankly, we don't think this site is particularly attractive, but it serves its purpose. Anything still somewhat relevant was moved over to MySacramento.me.
2005 Boo Grams
"Boo Grams" were a surprise hit for the website - a small local tradition in Folsom suddenly became popular throughout the country (though we suspect it didn't in fact originate in Folsom!). Boo Grams are fun Halloween gifts to secretly leave at the doorstep of your neighbors.
2006: Folsom Yellow Pages
MyFolsom.com was in dire need of a means for local advertisers to increase exposure via the message boards. Thus, a content management system was created and now all local advertising goes through this website. For only $40 a month, advertisers can increase exposure to thousands of residents daily.
2007 Sister SitesEl Dorado Hills Forum
The success of MyFolsom.com's message boards made us venture out to the encompassing area and open new "My" sites in Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, and Roseville. Content is slowly being added to all the sites, and the forums are well established.
2008 MySacramento.Me
MySacramento.Me is slowly following the same formula as MyFolsom.com, and content is being added. We now have around 6 active bloggers who regularly add content to the site. The site is new so the direction really depends on what attracts attention on the site, so stay tuned to see how things change.
2010 40 Under 40
Founder John Gladding was featured as a Top 100 finalist in the Sacramento Business Journal's "40 Under 40" campaign, honoring the most promising young entrepreneurs in the area.
2010 The Tomato Pages iPhone App
Our entrance to the app market could be a good one. We made a significant upgrade to the forums, enabling us to enter the mobile market for iPhone and Droid users. With the app, users are able to browse the forums and read news, check movie times and see local coupons. Advertisers benefit from a large traffic base and can distribute coupons to a new wave of mobile users. This app marks the first time The Tomato Pages branched out in a major fashion to the greater Sacramento market.